Easyrain – AIS works on a PRODUCTION SERIES CAR

Easyrain AIS - The system works on a PRODUCTION SERIES CAR




A historic achievement for Easyrain and for the improvement of Automotive safety. The new prototype of the AIS developed for a series vehicle, and mounted on an Audi A6, works. The new tests in the Pirelli proving ground demonstrate the validity of the new latest version of the first system against aquaplaning.


Rivoli, 10/02/2021

The AIS works. Thanks to the commitment and research of Easyrain i.S.p.A. – in collaboration with Italdesign and Boschaquaplaning can be solved.

“I’m very proud. The new tests are a historic result: the AIS is ready and mounted on a production vehicle”, said Giovanni Blandina, Easyrain Founder & CEO.

“I thank the work teams, starting from my guys. A fundamental and obligatory milestone for continuing to industrialize the system. A step forward for improving safety in the automotive world. Our system solves a dangerous issue and so far without solutions. Saving lives is our vision, the reason we exist. Knowing that it is possible to do so is a source a deep responsibility but also of great pride, inspiration and joy”, added Giovanni Blandina.

“We are glad of the collaboration with Easyrain and Bosch on this amazing project. It shows once more the power of networking: our respective teams, in Italy and Germany, together have achieved amazing results. The highly innovative contents of this project aim to further improve the safety of our cars for the future” Antonio Casu, Italdesign CTO, said.

“Cooperation was essential to achieve the project’s goal. The Bosch subsidiaries VHIT and Bosch Engineering, in collaboration with Tecnologie Diesel and Centro Studi Componenti per Veicoli, are supporting the project development, from the concept phase to the test drive. A very good example of cooperation and collaboration and, in this critical period, was not so easy” added Alessandro Fauda, Engineering Development Manager at Bosch VHIT.

After years of research and hard work, in partnership with Bosch and Italdesign, Easyrain has developed and patented the first system capable of effectively countering aquaplaning. A dangerous phenomenon, the cause of tens of thousands of accidents with thousands of injuries and victims. Every year, all over the world.

A problem that the modern safety systems available on vehicles (ABS, ESP, TCS) are unable to solve.

The Easyrain AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution), thanks to a controlled water jet injected ahead of the front wheels, is able to restore the grip of the tire and the control of the vehicle, breaking the excessive layer of water on the asphalt that the tires cannot dissipate.

The AIS, characterized by a hydraulic system consisting of a pump and two foldable injectors, is activated thanks to the Easyrain DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information), the proprietary activation software. The virtual sensor recognizes the onset of aquaplaning, instantly informing the system.

The AIS does not require additional sensors or tanks besides those already available on the vehicle.

AIS avoids accidents, saving lives.

Eugenio Razelli new EasyRain board member

A prestigious stage in the growth path of the company that consolidates its maturity, increasing its status. The reputation and the deep experience of Ing. Razelli represent an important contribution to the strategic development of Easyrain
Rivoli, 29/09/2020.
Easyrain i.S.p.A, SME specialized in the development of safety systems for cars, creator of the innovative anti aquaplaning AIS device, is proud to announce the entry of Ing. Eugenio Razelli in the Board of Directors.
Eugenio Razelli, born in 1950, is an authoritative exponent of the Automotive sector and a leading figure in the Italian industrial scene.
During his career he has held senior positions in various Groups.
He worked in Fiat Auto and Zanussi, becoming CEO of Gilardini Industriale in 1983.
After an experience in Pirelli as President & CEO of Pirelli Cable North America and later Senior Executive Vice President first of the Telecom division and then of the Energy division, from 2001 to 2003 he was President & CEO of Fiamm.
Since 2003 he has been Senior Vice President of the Business Development Unit of Fiat S.p.A.
From 2005 to 2015 he held the position of Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Magneti Marelli.
He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Safilo, Industrial Advisor of Fondo Strategico Italiano and Vice President of Texa.
Easyrain AIS aquaplaning solution Eugenio Razelli nel CDA

It is an honor to be able to welcome Eugenio Razelli to Easyrain. It is news that fills us with pride and responsibility for the challenges that await us. His entry into the company consolidates our maturity, representing a fundamental stage for our growth.

Giovanni Blandina, recently appointed CEO of Easyrain Tweet

Innovation has always been the basis of the automotive industry. Connectivity, electrification, autonomous driving, digitalization, sharing have helped to accelerate the gradient. Easyrain proposes itself with an interesting solution in the field of preventive safety in general and in improving performance in the sports field: a huge market opportunity.

Eugenio Razelli, new member of the Easyrain Board of Directors Tweet

EasyRain continues the development of A.I.S. – Acquaplaning Intelligent Solution – and announces the partnership with Italdesign and the start of a brand new collaboration with Bosch.

The active safety system designed to counter the acquaplaning phenomenon enters a new phase that will allow to design and create a new prototype fully integrated in a Audi A6 car. The new prototype will be developed following all the automotive standards, thanks to the support of two leading companies in the automotive field such as Italdesign and Bosch.

EasyRain, the innovative tech company active in the technology applied to road safety, announces the partnership with Italdesign and a brand new collaboration with Bosch Mobility Solutions to continue the development of its new “A.I.S.” system (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution), the innovative active safety system designed to reduce the acquaplaning phenomenon.

This is an important step that marks the transition to a new growing phase for the company and for the device that allows to significantly reduce one of the main risk factors for road safety in case of driving on a wet surfaces, giving a strong contribution to the safety of self-driving cars in the future too.

Aquaplaning is in fact a very common phenomenon while driving and the cause of a large number of car accidents every year, about 50% of accidents occur on wet roads.

According to the European Road Safety Observatory, during 2018 there were 2,418 deaths in road accidents with rain conditions, 283 of which occured in Italy.

The new collaboration will allow EasyRain to be able to take a decisive step forward in the development of the AIS, allowing the transfer of all the know-how gained over the years of research in the development of a TRL7 prototype fully integrated into the car, thanks to the support of important partners such as Italdesign and Bosch.

A new automotive prototyping phase, which is expected to last until half of 2021, will lead to the definition of a level B prototype that will be integrated on an Audi A6 car. 

“Our mission is to increase road safety, our belief is to save lives: this is what we have been working on for years. We are very proud and excited to have signed a very important agreement with two leading companies in the automotive sector such as Italdesign and Bosch, who believe in the strength of our project as well as in the positive impacts that our solution may have on improving road safety” says Giovanni Blandina, EasyRain CTO“Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with Italdesign, we have scrupulously worked to find the necessary solutions to bring our research into an automotive product. With the new entry of Bosch as well, not only have we been able to create an incredibly motivated and enthusiastic work team, but we have undertaken this new phase of development, aware of the great technical challenges that lie ahead. At the end of this process we will be able  show the final version of our A.I.S security system in order to demonstrate all its incredible potential and to finally let it be tested by car manufacturers”.

“Italdesign has always been synonymous not only of Italian style but, above all, technological innovation. The partnership with an Italian company such as EasyRain to develop an innovative device in the field of road security represents one of the strengths of our company” comments Antonio Casu, Italdesign CTO. “For more than fifty years we have been developing cutting-edge solutions and safety, both active and passive, has been the number one priority at the base of our daily activities. The development of the EasyRain A.I.S. system is fully part of this philosophy and we are very happy to contribute to its development”.

“Safety has always been at the heart of Bosch Engineering’s activities, which is engaged in developing services and solutions for efficient, safe and connected mobility. Together with VHIT Spa, another Bosch Group subsidiary, Bosch Engineering supports EasyRain in the supply and development of prototype components. The collaboration with EasyRain confirms the Bosch commitment to zero-accident mobility, with the aim of simplifying driving and saving lives” says Andrea Maffiotto, Sales Manager Bosch Engineering Italy.

This new phase will be preparatory to test and validate the technical solutions that will be adopted in the following prototyping phase which will occupy the first half of 2021, at the end of which the system will be ready to face the industrialization phase.

What is A.I.S. and how it works

The “A.I.S” (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution), is the active safety device designed to improve the safety of wheeled vehicles, countering a problem that has not yet been solved: the aquaplaning phenomenon.

It is the first active safety system in the world not to act directly on the car but to act on the surrounding elements. Once the installed software detects the onset of aquaplaning, an intelligent water injection removes excess water on the tarmac immediately restoring grip, thereby improving vehicle performance and safety.

The system is compatible with all vehicles and can be integrated with all modern driver assistance systems and with all intelligent sensors.

More information on: https://www.easyrain.it/


About Easyrain

EasyRain is an Italian tech company based in Rivoli (To), aimed to improve the safety of any wheeled vehicle, thanks to an intelligent system of fluid jets – A.I.S. Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution – able to counter the phenomenon of aquaplaning, a problem that is not currently faced by any other safety device. EasyRain has widespread patent protection.

More information on: https://www.easyrain.it/

About Italdesign

Italdesign is a company providing, for more than five decades, integrated services of design, engineering and production for the transportation industry, through to final testing and homologation activities, as well as assistance to the Start of Production and the design of complete business models. Italdesign is based in Moncalieri, Torino, Italy and today counts up to 1,000 employees in Italy, Spain and abroad. Since 2017, the company has launched two additional businesses: a dedicated unit to design, develop and produce ultra-limited vehicles for all OEMs worldwide and a business unit opened to the concept of Mobility as a Service and named Mobility Solutions

More information on: www.italdesign.it

About Bosch Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions is the largest Bosch Group business sector. It generated sales of 46.8 billion euros in 2019, and thus contributed 60 percent of total sales from operations. This makes the Bosch Group one of the leading automotive suppliers. The Mobility Solutions business sector pursues a vision of mobility that is safe, sustainable, and exciting, and combines the group’s expertise in the domains of personalization, automation, electrification, and connectivity. For its customers, the outcome is integrated mobility solutions. The business sector’s main areas of activity are injection technology and powertrain peripherals for internal-combustion engines, diverse solutions for powertrain electrification, vehicle safety systems, driver-assistance and automated functions, technology for user-friendly infotainment as well as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, repair-shop concepts, and technology and services for the automotive aftermarket. Bosch is synonymous with important automotive innovations, such as electronic engine management, the ESP anti-skid system, and common-rail diesel technology.

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Filippo Ferrari. – Eidos – Ufficio stampa Easy Rain / Eidos – Press Office Easy Rain

Easyrain @ Minardi Day 2019

Easyrain @ Minardi Day 2019

Domani Sabato 27 e domenica 28 aprile l’Autodromo Internazionale di Imola ospiterà la quarta edizione della kermesse motoristica ideata dal manager faentino, e portata in pista insieme a Formula Imola.

Noi di Easyrain, da sempre impegnati nell’innovazione e sicurezza stradale saremo presenti in prima fila con il primo dispositivo anti-aquaplaning per auto e veicoli autonomi.

Esporremo la nostra ricerca a piloti, scuderie e tutti gli appassionati che visiteranno i box, paddock e terrazza per un tuffo nella storia del Motorsport tra oltre 30 monoposto F1 (si parte dalla Cooper Maserati T51 alla Scuderia Toro Rosso passando per le Minardi, Ferrari, Williams McLaren di Ayrton Senna, Tecno, Wolf, Tyrrell, Fittipaldi, Theodore, Arrows, Osella, Dallara, March), F2, F3, Gran Turismo, Prototipi come l’Alfa Romeo 33 TT 3 e le Lucchini Motorsport, le Lancia Martini, Lotus Elise oltre alla Supercar targate Pagani, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, Dallara Stradale e Alpine che scenderanno in pista in entrambe le giornate.

E’ possibile acquistare i biglietti di ingresso – sabato 27/domenica 28 aprile o per l’intero fine settimana – attraverso TicketOne oppure direttamente in Autodromo. Il biglietto darà accesso al paddock e ai box dell’ Enzo e Dino Ferrari e alle manifestazioni presenti in autodromo oltre ad effettuare dei giri di pista a bordo di Auto Sportive guidate da piloti professionisti.

Per restare sempre aggiornati sulle nostre novità utilizza anche l’hashtag ufficiale #easyrainsolution

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Easyrain @ Minardi Day 2019

Easyrain inaugura al Minardi Day una nuova fase di sviluppo

Easyrain, PMI innovativa nello sviluppo di sistemi di sicurezza ed impegnata a realizzare il primo dispositivo anti-aquaplaning per auto e veicoli autonomi, sarà presente il 27 e il 28 Aprile all’autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari di Imola in occasione della festa dello sport motoristico del Minardi Day.

L’aquaplaning è un fenomeno che, dalla nascita del veicolo a motore, è causa di sinistri, collisioni e incidenti troppo spesso mortali, sulle strade e sulle piste di tutto il mondo.

La partecipazione alla festa motoristica di Giancarlo Minardi, che in pochi anni ha visto crescere rapidamente il favore di un pubblico di appassionati e di operatori del settore, è innanzitutto un’occasione pubblica di rilievo nella quale presentare il nuovo prototipo, favorito dal contributo di ulteriori risorse finanziarie, che ha permesso l’apertura del nuovo centro di R&D a Rivoli e che sarà seguito a breve dall’annuncio di imminenti e importanti novità.

Easyrain è in assoluto il primo progetto di ricerca che partecipa all’evento del Minardi Day. Il proposito è quello di dare un messaggio forte per il futuro della sicurezza di guida:
il dispositivo anti-aquaplaning segnerà un punto di svolta nel miglioramento prestazionale dei veicoli garantendo una soluzione efficace fino ad oggi ancora rimasta irrisolta.
I benefici saranno importanti: l’obbiettivo finale è il superamento degli attuali confini di sicurezza. La possibilità di eliminare la perdita di controllo dei veicoli in marcia in condizioni atmosferiche avverse porterà ad una drastica riduzione degli incidenti sul bagnato sia su strada sia su pista.

Un ringraziamento caloroso all’amico Giancarlo Minardi che ci ha invitato e ci ospita al suo evento.

Il 27 e 28 Aprile ad Imola presso l’autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari.

Easyrain @ VTM Turin 27-28 November

Easyrain will be present at 2018 edition of Vehicle and transportation technology innovation meeting, the 27 and 28 of November. The VTM is is a new mobility technology event that brings together the vehicle and transportation community. We will present in the Intesa Sanpaolo stand ready to share the aquaplaning safety device solution.

Easyrain i.S.p.A Press Release

Press Release

Pordenone, 29 October 2018

Easyrain i.S.p.A, an Italian engineering startup company that develops advanced safety devices for the automotive market is happy to announce the onboarding of new investors to develop an innovative technology to address the problem of aquaplaning.  The system under development drastically reduces the risk of often fatal accidents caused by aquaplaning while also increasing present-day safety levels in hazardous driving conditions, improving performance on wet asphalt.  Its inventor, Giovanni Blandina, has designed and patented a car-integrated device consisting of injectors fitted in front of the tires and activated by control software with no need for additional sensors. The device can detect when the vehicle starts to plane and slides out of control on particularly wet road surfaces.  Excess water is removed by means of high pressure’s jets of fluid, and with a fast reaction time, vehicle control is immediately restored. The system can be installed in any vehicle and is designed for all driving condition and it will also be recommended for autonomous vehicles. The new financial resources needed to complete the project through a capital increase in two € 5 million instalments come from two investors: Indaco Ventures I, a fund managed by Indaco Venture Partners SGR, the leading player on the Italian capital venture scene for investments in new technologies, and from Aldo Bianchi Vimercati, an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the automotive components and mechatronics sector. The project was launched at the Technological Hub in Pordenone and was then developed at I3P, an incubator for innovative companies at the Polytechnic University of Turin: tests and feasibility studies were conducted in team with the Faculty of Engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan and Turin.  Easyrain has received many awards to date: among these, the Corporate Venture Forum Award 2015, Car Innovation 2016, Marco Polo Accelerator Program H-Farm & QWos2017, China Awards China Foundation 2017, and innovative company at the Frankfurt Automechanika Fair in 2016. In April this year, a scientific paper was published by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the company was selected as one of the speakers at the Detroit WCX World Congress Experience, the leading and most prestigious scientific event for the international automotive industry.

“It is a pleasure for us to be part of this project” commented Alvise Bonivento, Investment Director at Indaco Venture Partners,” which is based on solid technological foundations and aligned to the Italian tradition of innovation in the automotive sector. We believe that the Easyrain solution has a great potential to reduce the number of accidents during adverse driving conditions and can therefore become a key to safer and increasingly more functional cars.”

For Giovanni Blandina, “For Easyrain this is a particularly important achievement that comes after years of hard work calling for increasingly greater efforts. The injection of new financial resources is the necessary lever for the company’s future development, as is the arrival of experts who strongly believe in and support the project, which is fundamental in achieving the ambitious objectives we have set ourselves. Of course, having created Easyrain from scratch and having overcome all the typical hurdles of a start-up over these years is a source of great satisfaction for me at this time. Focusing on the future, I am very grateful to everyone who helped us achieve this fundamental objective and to our new partners, Indaco Venture Partners and Aldo Bianchi Vimercati for having believed in the Easyrain project”.

For Aldo Bianchi Vimercati, “safe driving has been at the centre of attention of carmakers for years, becoming one of the crucial areas and it is where most of the research investments are directed in order to constantly improve standards. Over the years, car manufacturers and the general public increased their sensitivity towards more advanced technologies and new higher-performing devices and applications. We believe that this sensitivity is bound to grow further and, in this context, Easyrain will be able to offer a solution to a problem that is as yet unresolved.”

Easyrian i.S.p.A.