July 2017

ER @UnboundLondon2017

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ER @UnboundLondon2017 #UnBoundLondon2017,  thethe UK's best innovation festival - 5,217 tech enthusiasts for a two day celebration of innovation!  

June 2017

Easy Rain – South China Morning Post – June 2017

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Easy Rain – La Repubblica (Italian newspaper) – June 2017

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December 2016

November 2016

Easy Rain – Automotive Manufacturing Meetings – Detroit

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EASYRAIN @ Automotive Manufacturing Meetings in Detroit (November 15 -17, 2016 - Detroit) A supply chain event that brings together auto makers, tier suppliers and contract-manufacturers. A great opportunity to meet potential new partners!

September 2016

Proud of such a superlative comments

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Easy Rain is, in my opinion, the most innovative and crazy product in the fair. The company offers a product which aims to improve safety in case of aquaplaning. Thanks to an intelligent system of jets of fluid, the system is capable of cancelling the aquaplaning phenomenon on any vehicle. more info HERE

Easyrain @ Automechanika 2016 // Guten Morgen

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Easyrain @ Automechanika 2016 // Man @ Work

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Flying to Frankfurt

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Flying to Frankfurt - ready to start! EASYRAIN @ Automechanika Frankfurt The World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry EASYRAIN presents the first innovative solution of aquaplaning in the world during Automechanika Frankfurt. It is the world’s leading trade fair for the automotive service industry and is unique with regard to product-range breadth and [...]

A new commercial for Automechanika Frankfurt

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EASYRAIN aims to improve safety of any wheel vehicle, thanks to an intelligent system of jets of fluid capable of contrasting the aquaplaning phenomenon on any wheeled vehicle.