An emerging  automotive engineering company that develops  safety devices

Easy Rain works with the information already present in the car. It’s ready for next integration with remote detection and vision systems technologies for autonomous driving. EasyRain will allow a preventive activation, making driving even more safe and precise in case of wet road surface and aquaplaning.

On a long and widespread wet section, a vehicle, subject to aquaplaning, loses traction and control, starts skidding and perpetuates this dynamic, since no safety system can help in contrasting the aquaplaning phenomenon.

On a long and widespread wet section, a vehicle, subject to aquaplaning, loses traction and control and starts skidding, but the prompt action of Easy Rain allows for an immediate recovery of the adherence, as well as an immediate recovery of traction and control.

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“The old man”

Aldo Vimercati

Easy Rain CEO
Active for many years in the car components market, he believes in freedom of expression, free will and interpersonal relationships.
Life is the mirror of the projects we are able to realize.
We are the masters of our fate
we are the captains of our souls
Eternally grateful to BD, devoted to IFC, RF, GT, BW

“The inventor”

Giovanni Blandina

Responsible for research and development.
The Archimedes and soul of Easy Rain, born and raised among cars.
He knows every their secret, and how to pre-empt needs even before they are conceived, he has had a solid and vivid career in the world of leading systems suppliers .

“The diamond tip”

Alvise Bonivento

Partner in a primary Italian institutional investor.
Supports only reliable and innovative projects. Knowledge is power, but it is rare.
Knowledge is the prerequisite of every investment.