Every day in Italy


road accidents

dead people

injured people

accidents on wet road

We can reduce these numbers!

Easy Rain aims to improve safety of any wheel vehicle, thanks to an intelligent system of jets of fluid capable of contrasting the aquaplaning phenomenon on any wheeled vehicle

The operating principle consists in preventing a large amount of water from touching the tire, by reducing it through an intelligent jet spray system that splashes a fluid in front of or around the tires.

Sustainable in Car Economy

The device will be designed as an industrial product and perfectly compatible and sustainable by any vehicle (volume/footprint; energy balance; cost), as well as low-maintenance requirements.


It will be designed to have an appropriate reaction time (analogous to ABS) and to be easy to install on any vehicle and operating under any dynamic condition of the vehicle.


The activation occurs when the continuous monitoring of the vehicle detects a series of unusual circumstances, related to the aquaplaning phenomenon. The system will act with an appropriate reaction time (analogous to ABS).

Easy Rain will be completely integrated with all tire intelligent sensors under development
in many tire manufacturers.

How does EASY RAIN work?

Easy Rain is ready for future integration with remote detection and vision systems technologies, which will allow a preventive activation, making the driving even more safe and precise in case of wet road surface and aquaplaning.

On a long and spread wet section, a vehicle, subject to aquaplaning, loses traction and control, starts skidding and perpetuates this dynamic, since no safety system can help in contrasting aquaplaning phenomenon.

On a long and spread wet section, a vehicle, subject to aquaplaning, loses traction and control and starts skidding, but the prompt action of Easy Rain allows an immediate recovery of the adherence, as well as an immediate recovery of traction and control.



Luigi Campello
Luigi Campello(1951) President
Electronic Engineer (PD), MBA SDA Bocconi, Assistant Professor (PD) and and then manager for 30 years in Italy and abroad and, from 2005 to 2012, General Manager of Electrolux Italy. Member of IAG (Italian Angels for Growth).
Giovanni Blandina
Giovanni Blandina(1979)
Technical consultant and inventor of the patent – multi-year experience as consultant and project leader in primary automotive technological companies.
Giorgio Toros
Giorgio Toros(1970)
Marketing and Administration Director – After several banking and financial experiences, for the past 16 years he has been a General Insurance Agent for leading companies in the field.
Paolo Cistaro
Paolo Cistaro(1981)
MBA Degree in Business Administration – International Corporate Finance – Bocconi University and Executive SDA Bocconi. Financial experience in leading advisory company and today entrepreneur of companies in the international market.
Giorgio Audisio
Giorgio Audisio(1960)
Senior Advisor, Master in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Torino and then executive manager of business and product development, bringing innovative products to the market from scratch (Blue&Me – FCA, Cyber Tyre – Pirelli). Entrepreneur and partner of Auto Tech Partners Company (Seattle)

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